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Master of Forensic Sciences in the Field of Forensic Chemistry

...FORS 6004 Fundamentals of Forensic Science I FORS 6005 Fundamentals of Forensic Science II FORS...

Master of Public Health in the Field of Global Health Policy

...Biostatistical Applications for Public Health PUBH 6003 Principles and Practices of Epidemiology PUBH 6004 Environmental...

CAMA 6004. Quantitative Thinking for Capital Market Decision Makers. 3 Credits.

The conceptual foundations and practical computational methods needed to extract insights from financial data and inform decision making. Restricted to students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Capital Markets program.

FORS 6004. Fundamentals of Forensic Science I. 3 Credits.

This course will survey crime scene investigation techniques, medicolegal death investigation, and patterned evidence examination. This will satisfy the 10 hours instruction for a FEPAC accredited MFS degree in the core topics of crime scene investigation, physical evidence concepts, and pattern evidence. This course will help students prepare for the American Board of Criminalistics (“ABC”) examination in the disciplines of firearms and toolmarks, fingerprints, and questioned documents. Lectures will be given by faculty members and guest lecturers who are subject matter experts on the topic presented. This course includes a four hour laboratory (fingerprints). This is a required course for MFS and CSI students. This course, along with FORS 6005 Fundamentals of Forensic Science II, replaces FORS 6213, Elements of Forensic Science (3 Credits). Prerequisites: None.