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Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner

...nurses to advance their education with access to...November or December. NURS 6232 Family Nurse Practitioner...

Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs

...Education EDUC 6601 International and Comparative Education EDUC...Latin America or GEOG 6232 Migration and Development...

EDUCĀ 6232. Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction. 3 Credits.

The roles and functions of educational leaders in the areas of curriculum, staff development, instructional supervision, and evaluation of personnel. Theory and practice to increase teacher effectiveness and improve student learning through supervisory strategies.

SPEDĀ 6232. Foundations in Special Education, Career Development, and Transition. 3 Credits.

Overview of historical, theoretical, and philosophical foundations of career development and transition. Explores directions for career development/transition practices in the context of educational reform and social and political change. Material fee.