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CFA 2202. Introduction to Illustration. 3 Credits.

Through lectures and assignments, students will be introduced to concepts and history, and will experience and be exposed to the multiple facets of illustration. Familiarity with the work of historical and contemporary illustrators will help students gain a greater appreciation of where illustration has come from, where it is going, and how their work might fit into the timeline. The diverse avenues to which illustration work applies will be demonstrated. The course emphasizes the importance and significance of creating works of art that have both parameters(size, media, aspect, color, etc.) and deadlines, two things that set "illustration" work apart from many other disciplines of art-making.Students will effectively brainstorm ideas and visual solutions to creatively fulfill project requirements. Students will be able to research both online and through print media the subject of their illustrations and gather quality reference material to aid in the production of final illustrations. Assignments are intended to simulate projects that illustrators might encounter in real-world working situations and give the student an understanding of the relationship between illustrators and art directors. This course helps students develop an understanding of the importance of following directions, meeting deadlines, and succinctly and effectively conveying concepts visually.