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CFA 2201. Drawing Strategies and Practice. 3 Credits.

Why do artists draw today? How are contemporary artists using drawing to conceptualize, to commemorate, to record, or to recall? Drawing is currently an end in itself, as well as a means to project the information that supports all art-making processes. Drawing can be imitative, descriptive, interpretive, and imaginative. The act of drawing can require only the most primitive of media-charcoal made from wood and fire, or pigment of earth mixed with water-and it can take advantage of technology such as photography and digital imaging. This course encourages your understanding of the basis of spatial perception; the value of immediacy in recording; your body's physical-action component in drawing; the rich trove of mark-making we can tap into. Students use a wide range of materials with a creative variety of substrates or surfaces. Projects are observation-based and expand through concept and narrative. All styles and techniques are appropriate for exploration and development. Where can you take drawing? At times this course may be cross-tallied at the undergraduate level as CFA 2201 and at the graduate level as CFA 5201. Additional work is required to earn graduate credit. Prerequisite: CFN 1040 Foundation Drawing, or instructor permission.