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CFA 2124. Medium and Materials Workshop: Painting Basics for Fine Art. 3 Credits.

Medium and Materials workshops are required for BFA Fine Art students but may be used as electives for other programs. This course introduces historical and contemporary approaches to painting. Students will explore the language of images- developing an awareness of the roles of visual judgement ( the objective view ), and intuition ( the subjective response ) in making our creative decisions. We will address issues of form, process and content in painting. Students will experiment with a variety of materials and surfaces appropriate for painting in watercolor, acrylic, and oil. We will also explore a wide range of subjects and sources - with the goal of building a broad visual language of exploration, discovery, and self expression. Material demonstrations, class readings and discussions, and individual and group critiques will take place throughout the semester. Intended for, but not limited to, Sophomore BFA/FA majors.