Master of Science in the Field of Health Policy

Note: This program is not accepting applications for 2019-2020.

The master of science in health policy (MS) degree program is designed to prepare students to enter academic or research careers in health policy. The program prepares candidates for subsequent doctoral study or for research roles in health-delivery systems, regulatory and other government agencies, or university settings. The program emphasizes individual study design and allows students to focus their training in particular areas of health policy such as long-term care policy, maternal and child health policy, and health services research and policy. The MS is also suitable as a terminal degree for students, such as physicians in fellowship training, who wish to gain research skills.

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Note: This program is not accepting applications for 2019-2020.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 48 credits, including 31 to 33 credits in required courses (including thesis) and 15 to 17 in elective courses.

PUBH 6002Biostatistical Applications for Public Health
PUBH 6003Principles and Practices of Epidemiology
PUBH 6242
PUBH 6243
Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health: Reading the Research
and Topics in Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health: Reading the Research
PUBH 6013Master's Thesis
PUBH 6305Fundamentals for Health Policy: Public Health and Health Care
PUBH 6310Statistical Analysis in Health Policy
PUBH 6315Introduction to Health Policy Analysis
PUBH 6330Health Services and Law
or PUBH 6335 Public Health and Law
PUBH 6340Health Economics and Finance
PUBH 6345Health Policy Research Design
Advanced health policy analysis selective
PUBH 6320Advanced Health Policy Analysis
Or one of the following:
EMSE 6740Systems Thinking and Policy Modeling I
PPPA 6016Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation
PUBH 6399Topics in Health Policy (Cost Benefit Analysis ONLY)
PUBH 6247Design of Health Studies
PUBH 6249Use of Statistical Packages: Data Management and Data Analysis
PUBH 6411Global Health Qualitative Research Methods
PUBH 6501Program Evaluation
PUBH 6530Qualitative Methods in Health Promotion
PUBH 6533Design and Conduct of Community Health Surveys
PUBH 8417Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis
PUBH 8419Measurement in Public Health and Health Services
Health services management selective
One of the following:
HSML 6204Quality and Performance Improvement
HSML 6209Health Services Finance
HSML 6210Health Services Financial Applications
HSML 6213Health Services, Marketing, and Planning
HSML 6216Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior
HSML 6231Management of Acute Care Hospitals
HSML 6237Managing the Skilled Nursing Facility
HSML 6238Ambulatory Care Management
HSML 6246Service Line and Project Management
HSML 6247Consulting in Health Care
Electives (15 to 17 credits)
Any SPH graduate courses

Graduation Requirements

  1. Graduate Credit Requirement: 48
  2. Course Requirements: Successful completion of the core and elective courses, including completion of the Master’s Thesis, are required.
  3. Grade Point Requirement: A 3.0 (B average) overall grade point average is required.
  4. Time Limit Requirement: The degree must be completed within five years.
  5. Transfer Credit Policy: Up to 12 graduate credits that have not been applied to a previous graduate degree may be transferred to the MS. Credits must have been earned from an accredited institution in the last 3 years with a grade point average of 3.0 or better.