Master of Science in the Field of Management of Health Informatics and Analytics

Program Director  S.Hanna

The goal of the master of science in management of health informatics and analytics (MHIA) degree program is to develop leaders who possess the knowledge and skills to achieve optimal delivery of healthcare through the use of information to make sound decisions.

An informatics-related degree from the Department of Health Policy and Management incorporates business and medical informatics training, knowledge of healthcare systems, law and policy, critical values in decision making, and much more. The MHIA is designed for adult students who possess either clinical or administrative experience in health care delivery. Classes are taught in a hybrid model, combining ten-week distance learning modules and executive format, face-to-face immersion classes.

The MHIA curriculum focuses on developing the skills and values needed for persons who seek to create highly effective healthcare organizations and utilize technology to make better healthcare decisions. Culminating activities for MHIA students include a capstone course that gives students the opportunity to develop a practical solution for a major healthcare problem that can be solved using Informatics.

Specific admission requirements can be found on the Graduate Program Finder.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 45 credits in required courses.

HSML 6255Leadership and Ethics I
HSML 6264Healthcare Mgmt & Strategy
HSML 6265Medical Informatics and Decision Management
HSML 6280Health Law and Policy
HSML 6290
HSML 6291
HSML 6292
HSML 6293
HSML 6294
HSML 6295
HSML 6296
HSML 6297