Graduate Certificate in Health Administration Generalist

Program Director L. Friedman
Program Advisor L. Friedman

The health administration generalist certificate develops health sector leaders, innovators, and managers who are dedicated to advancing the health of local, national, and global communities. Combining the master’s degree in one of the Milken Institute School of Public Health academic departments with this graduate certificate uniquely positions graduates for careers that require breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in health services. This certificate program is open to applicants with a master’s or higher degree who may wish to gain knowledge and skills in health services management. Applicants without a master’s degrees (e.g., public health nursing (RN)) may be eligible depending on their professional experience in public health. Students work with an advisor to tailor a program suited to the student's individual professional goals.

Specific admission requirements can be found on the Graduate Program Finder. 

Visit the program website for additional information.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits in required courses; substitutions may be allowed with the advisor's approval.

18 credits from the following (with advisor approval)
HSML 6202Intro/Health Services Delivery
HSML 6203Introduction to Health Management
HSML 6204Quality&PerformanceImprovement
HSML 6206QuanMethds&Epid/HealthServices
HSML 6207HealthServicesInfoApplications
HSML 6208Medical Informatics
HSML 6209Health Services Finance
HSML 6210Hlth Serv Financl Applications
HSML 6211Health Economics
HSML 6212CommunityHealth Mgt & Advocacy
HSML 6213Health Services, Marketing & Planning
HSML 6215Health Law for Managers
HSML 6216HumanResourcesMgt&OrgBehavior
HSML 6218Sem-HlthServicesMgt&Leadership
PUBH 6004Environmental and Occupational Health in a Sustainable World
Other courses may be used to fulfill the requirement with advisor approval.

Graduation Requirements

  1. The Program Director/Advisor must pre-approve all course selections and course sequencing by developing a “program of study” prior to the student’s initial registration.  Graduate Certificate students meet with their advisor each semester before registration. All changes in this program of study must be pre-approved by the Program Director/Advisor. 
  2. Course Requirements.  Since most graduate certificate students are currently enrolled in an MPH program or have previously earned a graduate degree, most course credits will be selected from the program-specific course list.  Under no circumstances may a certificate student enroll in fewer than 9 credits of program-specific courses.
  3. Grade Point Requirement.  A 3.0 (B average) overall grade point average or better is required for the award of the certificate
  4. Time Limit Requirement. The certificate must be completed within 2 years.
  5. Transfer Credit Policy.   The Program Director/Advisor may approve up to 4 graduate credits that have not been applied to a previous graduate degree to be transferred to the Graduate Certificate.  The course(s) must be relevant to the Graduate Certificate.  Credits must have been earned in the last 3 years from an accredited institution with a grade point of 3.0 or better.