Minor in Bioinformatics

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 12 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

PUBH 3201Introduction to Bioinformatics
PUBH 3202Introduction to Genomics
PUBH 4201Practical Computing
PUBH 4202Bioinformatics Algorithms and Data Structures
6 credits from the following courses:
ANTH 2406Human Evolutionary Genetics
BISC 2207Genetics
BISC 3209Molecular Biology
BME 2820Biomedical Engineering Programming I
BME 2825Biomedical Engineering Programming II
BME 3820Principles and Practice of Biomedical Engineering
CHEM 3165Biochemistry I
CHEM 3166Biochemistry II
CSCI 3212Algorithms
CSCI 3221Programming Languages
CSCI 4364Machine Learning
CSCI 4572Computational Biology
MATH 3359Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MATH 3553Introduction to Numerical Analysis
MATH 3613Introduction to Combinatorics
MATH 3730Computability Theory
MATH 3740Computational Complexity
PUBH 3131Epidemiology: Measuring Health and Disease
PUBH 3151Current Issues in Bioethics
PUBH 3151WCurrent Issues in Bioethics
PUBH 4199Independent Study
STAT 3119Analysis of Variance
STAT 3187Introduction to Sampling
STAT 4157Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 4188Nonparametric Statistics Inference
STAT 4189Mathematical Probability and Applications I