Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Health and Biomedical Data Science, Applied Bioinformatics Concentration

This program will be offered starting Fall 2021.

Program Co-Directors K. Crandall and Y. Ma

The doctor of philosophy in health and biomedical data science develops data science leaders for applications in public health and medicine. The program advances the field by:

  • Providing rigorous training in the fundamentals of health and biomedical data science.
  • Fostering innovative thinking for the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of public health research studies.
  • Providing practical training through real-world research opportunities at research centers and institutes directed by departmental faculty.

Students choose one of two concentrations: applied biostatistics or applied bioinformatics. The program offers a unique blend of the two disciplines, which helps practitioners become successful collaborators in interdisciplinary research. Each concentration focuses on the foundations of the respective discipline to acquire fundamental knowledge and experience in the subject area while gaining core knowledge in the foundations of the other concentration. 

Visit the program website for more information.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 72 credits, including 14 credits in core courses, 12 credits in elective courses, 1 credit in practicum/teaching/research courses, and 12 to 24 credits in dissertation research. 

Core courses
PUBH 6080Pathways to Public Health
PUBH 6421Responsible Conduct of Research
PUBH 6850Introduction to SAS for Public Health Research
PUBH 6851Introduction to R for Public Health Research
PUBH 6852Introduction to Python for Public Health Research
PUBH 6860Principles of Bioinformatics
PUBH 6886Statistical and Machine Learning for Public Health Research
PUBH 8870
PUBH 8099 (Cross Cutting Concepts in Public Health topic only)
Concentration-specific courses
12 credits in applied bioinformatics courses.
PUBH 6859High Performance and Cloud Computing
PUBH 6861Public Health Genomics
PUBH 6884Bioinformatics Algorithms and Data Structures
PUBH 6885Computational Biology
A minimum of 21 credits in elective courses. See program guide for options.
UNIV 0250GradTeachingAsst Certification
PUBH 6897Research in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (taken for 1 credit)
Dissertation research
PUBH 8999Dissertation Research (12 to 24 credits)