Bachelor of Professional Studies with a Major in Information Technology

Program Director J. Garrett (Interim)

The bachelor of professional studies with a major in information technology (IT) program offers a unique educational opportunity for working professionals and community college graduates who wish to complete a bachelor's degree. Through an innovative curriculum that combines science, technology, and business, the program prepares students for the IT industry with strong scientific foundations and hands-on practice.

The IT program can be completed within two academic years (four semesters and one summer session). Students graduate with a firm grounding in problem solving, analytical thinking, written communication, and technical knowledge in information technology and computing. The knowledge acquired in the program is relevant to a number of fields, such as information technology, technology management and consulting, network administration and network security, health IT, and data analytics.

See the program website for additional information.

The BPS in information technology is a degree completion program that requires successful completion of 120 credits, 60 of which must be completed at GW. Up to 60 credits can be transferred from coursework taken at other regionally accredited institutions of higher education. The program is designed for individuals who currently hold an associate’s degree or have earned at least 60 credits towards their undergraduate degree.

Students completing this program will have satisfied GW's university-wide general education requirement, which includes 22 credits in the following areas:

Mathematics or statistics (3 credits)
Natural or physical science with lab (4 credits)
Humanities (3 credits)
Social and behavioral sciences (6 credits)
Written communication or composition (6 credits)

Foundational courses
PSIS 2101Writing and Communication in the IT Field I
PSIS 2102Writing and Communication in the IT Field II
PSIS 2103Statistical Sciences and Data Analysis I
PSIS 2104Statistical Sciences and Data Analysis II
PSIS 2105Programming and Computing Foundations I
PSIS 2106Programming and Computing Foundations II
PSIS 3122Ethics in Science and Technology
PSIS 4142Relational Databases and Their Design
PSIS 4191Capstone Project and Senior Thesis I
PSIS 4192Capstone Project and Senior Thesis II
Core courses *
6 courses (24 credits) selected from the following:
PSIS 4137Alternative Energy Sources
PSIS 4138Introduction to Health Information Technology
PSIS 4141Computer and Telecommunication Networks
PSIS 4144Information and Network Security
PSIS 4145Software Systems Development Processes
PSIS 4152Entrepreneurship and Technology Venture Creation
PSIS 4161Data Visualization
PSIS 4195Undergraduate Research
PSIS 4199Special Topics

*Not all core courses are offered each year. See department for course availability.