Bachelor of Professional Studies with a Major in Homeland Security

Director J. Delinski

The bachelor of professional studies with a major in homeland security is intended for working professionals and community college graduates to complete their bachelor’s degree. The degree enhances a student’s job application potential, promotion prospects, and/or second career opportunities in today’s job market. The subject of homeland security is currently at the forefront of study by law enforcement officials, security professionals, current and former military personnel, intelligence analysts, and government contractors. The knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed in these positions require cutting-edge education and training. The degree will appeal to a wide range of first responders and intelligence analysts who wish to continue their education by studying the latest trends and industry best practices.  

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 120 credits, including 22 credits in general education courses, 38 credits in elective courses, and 60 credits in core courses.

General education *
22 credits in general education coursework completed at a regionally accredited institution of higher education:
3 credits in arts and humanities
6 credits in behavior or social science
6 credits in English composition
4 credits in physical or natural science with lab
3 credits in quantitative and logical reasoning
Electives *
38 credits in elective courses.
Required core courses **
60 credits in core courses, to be completed at GW. *
PSHS 3150Transnational Threats and Security
PSHS 3151Combating Domestic Terrorism
PSHS 3152Cyber Terrorism
PSHS 3160Crisis and Emergency Planning
PSHS 3161Intelligence Data Analysis
PSHS 3162Crime Scene Investigation
PSHS 3170Infrastructure Protection
PSHS 3171Introduction to Forensic Science
PSHS 3172Computer Crime Investigation
PSHS 4180Security Threat Assessments
PSHS 4181Incident Management
PSHS 4182Emergency Public Health Issues
PSHS 4190Capstone Project
PSHS 4191Ethical Dilemmas in Policing
PSHS 4192Media, Public Relations, and Crisis Communication

*General education and elective courses may be completed at any regionally accredited institution. A minimum grade of C is required for transfer credit to be approved. General education and elective coursework may be completed before, during, or within five years of completing the other requirements for the bachelor's degree.

**Core courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters and summer sessions.