Bachelor of Professional Studies with a Major in Integrated Information, Science, and Technology

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in the field of integrated Information, science, and technology (IIST) is an innovative and interdisciplinary program designed for community college graduates and working professionals who are seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field. The 60-credt program can be completed within two academic years (five consecutive semesters, including one summer session).

See the program website for admission requirements.

This bachelor’s degree completion program is designed for individuals who currently hold an associate’s degree or have earned at least 60 credit hours towards their undergraduate degree.

The remaining 60 credit hours of study required for bachelor’s degree completion include 44 credits in required courses and 16 credits in elective courses. 

General Education
6 credits of quantitative and logical reasoning
6 credits of social and behavioral sciences
6 credits of natural sciences, including one laboratory course
6 credits of arts and humanities
Writing & Comm & Med Rel - I
Writing & Comm & Med Rel - II
Found Math & Stat Sci - I
Found Math & Stat Sci - II
Found Info Tech & Comp - I
Found Info Tech & Comp - II
Ethics in Sci & Tech Policy
Introduction to Health IT
Rel Databases & Design
Entrprnrshp/Tech Venture Cr
Capstone Project and Senior Thesis I
Caps Proj & Senior Thesis- II
Capstone Proj & Senior Thesis
Capstone Proj & Senior Thesis
Four courses selected from the following:
Phys Principles of Biotech
Alternative Energy Sources
Comp & Telecom Networks
Info & Network Security
Software Sys Dev Processes
Undergraduate Research
Special Topics

Director S. Hooshangi