Dual Master of Professional Studies in the Field of Political Management and Graduate Certificate in Survey Design and Analysis

The dual graduate master of professional studies degree/graduate certificate program teaches students to design and conduct public opinion surveys, analyze the data that those surveys impart, and use that data to craft winning political campaigns and advocacy initiatives. The program helps students understand not only when it is appropriate to procure and design public opinion surveys, but also how to generate useful questions, analyze responses, and craft communications about the data in a manner that is consistent and aligned with a political strategy. Students also learn to analyze both publicly available and privately commissioned survey opinion data to develop and contextualize a campaign's or an advocacy group's strategic plan.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 42 credits, including 33 credits in required courses and 9 credits in elective courses.

PMGT 6401Fundamentals of Political Management
PMGT 6402Applied Political Communications
PMGT 6403Political Data and Analytics
PMGT 6404Principled Political Leadership
PMGT 6495Political Power and Practice
STAT 6233Questionnaire Design
STAT 6234Intermediate Statistical Laboratory: Statistical Computing Packages
STAT 6236Applied Sampling Techniques
STAT 6238Survey Management
9 credits in Political Management (PMGT) courses