Master of Professional Studies in the Field of Legislative Affairs

The Master of Professional Studies in the Field of Legislative Affairs centers on the study of applied politics in the legislative arena, offering students the perspective of both political scholars and working professionals. The curriculum focuses on how Congress operates, how legislative procedures shape outcomes, and how entities like the executive branch, lobbyists, and constituents influence the work of the legislature.

The program is designed for both working professionals and full-time students, with classes meeting Monday through Thursday evenings in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The required 33 credits can be completed in as little as one year; however, the usual pace is two courses per semester completed in two years.

Specific admission requirements can be found on the Graduate Program Finder. 

Visit the program website for additional information.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 33 credits, including 12 credits in required courses; at least 6 credits in courses in each of two elective areas; either 6 credits in thesis or 6 additional credits in one or both of the two elective areas; and successful completion of a master's comprehensive examination.

LGAF 6201Politics and Public Policy
LGAF 6202Legislative Politics
LGAF 6203Executive–Legislative Relations
LGAF 6204Research Methods for Legislative Affairs Specialists
Elective areas
American Political Process
At least two courses from the following:
LGAF 6217Budgetary Politics
LGAF 6218Judicial Politics
LGAF 6219American Presidency
LGAF 6222Parties and Elections
LGAF 6223Public Opinion/Pol Socializatn
LGAF 6224Interest Group Politics
LGAF 6228Media and Congressional Politics
LGAF 6233Comparative Legislatures
LGAF 6234PACs and Congress
Public Policy Analysis
At least two courses from the following:
LGAF 6246Congress & Foreign Policy
LGAF 6249Congress and National Security Policy
LGAF 6251Budgetary Policy
LGAF 6260Special Topics: Domestic Policy
LGAF 6270Special Topics: Congress and Foreign Policy
Thesis option
LGAF 6998Thesis
LGAF 6999Thesis
Non-thesis option
Six additional credits in one or both of the elective areas, above.

*With prior approval of the academic advisor, students may take up to three of the required number of elective courses in related disciplines.

Successful completion of a master's comprehensive examination is required.

See CPS regulations for additional information regarding enrollment status and time limits. 

Director S. Billet

Associate Professors D. Johnson,  M. Cornfield, S. Billet, L. Parnell, S. Wiley

Professorial Lecturers J. Weinberg, R. Whitlock, C. Veillette