Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a Major in Molecular Diagnostic Sciences

The bachelor of science in health sciences with a major in molecular diagnostic sciences is offered both in fully online and hybrid formats.The program provides students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for positions in diagnostic clinical molecular laboratories, public health laboratories, biotechnology companies, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and research institutes. In addition, students who complete the program are eligible to take the Molecular Biology Board of Certification examination offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

Completion of the following prerequisite coursework from a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of C or above:
3 credits of English composition
8 credits of biology (lecture and lab)
4 credits of microbiology (lecture and lab)
8 credits of chemistry (lecture and lab)
3 credits of organic chemistry or biochemistry
3 credits of college mathematics (algebra, statistics, or higher)
3 credits in humanities
6 credits in social sciences
A minimum of 22 credits in elective coursework. Elective coursework should include courses in pathophysiology or anatomy and physiology, ethics or values, or global/cross-cultural perspectives.
Required for the major
HSCI 1106Introduction to Biotechnology for Health Sciences
HSCI 2112WWriting in the Health Sciences
HSCI 3117Principles of Biostatistics for Health Sciences
HSCI 4106Introduction to Epidemiology for Health Sciences
HSCI 4112WResearch and Writing in Health Sciences
MLS 3000Clinical Laboratory Mathematics
MLS 3001Professional Ethics for Medical Laboratory Scientists
MLS 4141Immunology and Serology
MLS 4151Molecular Diagnostics
MLS 4158Laboratory Management and Operations
MLS 4170Introduction to Molecular Biology
MLS 4171Human Genetics
MLS 4172Molecular Diagnostics Capstone
MLS 4217Molecular Techniques
MLS 4242Applications of Molecular Testing
MLS 4266Molecular Diagnostics Practicum
Additional requirements for the fully online BSHS program
9 credits in elective coursework selected in consultation with the program advisor.
Additional requirements for the hybrid BSHS program
MLS 4251Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
MLS 4252Applications of Molecular Testing Laboratory
6 credits in elective coursework selected in consultation with the program advisor.