Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a Major in Clinical Operations and Health Care Management

As health care continues to grow as a core workforce area needed to meet the needs of an aging population, there is an associated increased need for administrative oversight. The BSHS with a major in clinical operations and health care management degree prepares graduates to be administrative professionals in this field.

General Education and Advanced Standing
3 credits English composition
4 credits in natural or physical science with lab
6 credits in social sciences
3 credits humanities
44 transfer credits. Credit from non-traditional sources, i.e., other than from academic coursework, may be considered on a case-by-case basis. This may include military coursework, credit-by-exam, and non-college based health programs.
60 credits in major coursework, which must be completed at GW.
CML 2140Management of Human Resources in Health Sciences Organizations
CML 4144Seminar in Health Science Leadership
COHM 2141Marketing for Healthcare Leaders
COHM 2142Finance for Health Care Managers
COHM 4145Case Studies for Clinical Healthcare Management and Leadership
COHM 4150Practicum in Clinical Operations
HSCI 2103Health Policy and the Health Care System
HSCI 2104Management of Health Science Services
HSCI 2105Current Issues in Bioethics
HSCI 2108Quality Improvement in Health Care
HSCI 2112WWriting in the Health Sciences
HSCI 2117Introduction to Statistics for Health Sciences
HSCI 4103Health Care Law/Regulation
HSCI 4105Case Studies in Health Care
HSCI 4106Introduction to Epidemiology for Health Sciences
HSCI 4112WResearch and Writing in Health Sciences
INFR 4101Introduction to Medical Informatics
Three elective courses selected from the following with the advisor's approval.
HSCI 2101Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Illness
HSCI 2102Pathophysiology
HSCI 2107Health Care in Literature
HSCI 2110Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Concepts
HSCI 3117Principles of Biostatistics for Health Sciences
Alternative electives may be approved by the Program Director.