Associate in Science in the Field of Health Sciences

The associate in science (AS) in health sciences is a degree completion program restricted to current and former Army or Navy MLTs who have completed the undergraduate certificate in HSLT but are ineligible for the AS in HSLT because of the 5-year limit.

Visit the program website for additional information. 

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 69 credits, including 44 credits in advanced standing, 19 credits in general education, and 6 credits in health sciences courses.

44 credits of advanced standing
Advanced standing for military courses will be noted on the student’s record and applied towards the associate degree during the first semester of the student's enrollment in the program.
19 credits of general education including:
3 credits of English composition
3 credits of mathematics or statistics
3 credits of humanities
6 credits of social sciences
4 credits of natural or physical science including a lab experience
For students who have not completed all general education coursework prior to entering the program, GW offers via distance learning all courses needed to satisfy this requirement. Those planning to apply to BSHS programs are strongly encouraged to take unfulfilled general education coursework at GW by taking the recommended courses shown below.
6 credits of health sciences courses
General education courses offered by GW
For students who have not completed all general education course requirements prior to enrollment, the following course offered by GW are recommended:
English composition
HSCI 2100Writing and Composition in the Health Sciences
Mathematics or statistics
HSCI 2117Introduction to Statistics for Health Sciences
HSCI 2107Health Care in Literature
Social sciences
HSCI 2103Health Policy and the Health Care System
HSCI 2111Development of the Health Care Professions
Required GW health sciences distance learning courses
Two of the following:
HSCI 2101Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Illness
HSCI 2105Current Issues in Bioethics
HSCI 2110Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Concepts
or HSCI 2114 Health Care in Developing Nations

Transfer of credit

For an assessment on the transferability of your previous coursework contact the program office. To be eligible for transfer, courses must be:

  • College-level
  • Academic in nature
  • Completed at a regionally accredited institution
  • Earned with a minimum grade of C (C- grades do not transfer)