Associate in Science in the Field of Histotechnology

The associate in science in the field of histotechnology program provides formal training for histopathology technicians who are assigned to a medical treatment facility (MTF). The course combines didactic classroom instruction, hands-on experience and clinical rotations in an MTF. The instruction also assists graduates in preparing for the histotechnician (HT) certification examination. Instruction is presented in the following major areas: introduction to histotechnology, basic scientific information, specimen processing for histological study, routine technical procedures, special stains for histologic study, anatomy and tissue identification, autopsy procedures, cytopreparatory techniques, immunohistochemistry, practical histotechnician training, and clinical practicum.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 63 credits, including 18 credits in general education courses, and 45 credits from courses in the major. The general education requirements may be completed by taking coursework at GW or another regionally accredited institution.

General Education (18 credits)
6 credits English composition
3 credits college mathematics
3 credits social sciences
3 credits humanities
3 credits chemistry
Courses in the Major (45 credits)
MLS 1040Introduction to Histotechnology
MLS 1041Basic Scientific Information
MLS 1042Specimen Processing for Histological Study
MLS 1043Routine Technical Procedures
MLS 1044Special Stains for Histologic Study
MLS 1045Anatomy and Tissue Identification
MLS 1046Autopsy Procedures
MLS 1047Cytopreparatory Techniques
MLS 1048Immunohistochemistry
MLS 1049Practical Histotechnician Training
MLS 1050Histo Clinical Practicum