Master of Science in Health Sciences in the Field of Translational Microbiology

The master of science in health sciences in the field of translational microbiology program, offered in a distance learning format, prepares students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for research positions in public health microbiology laboratories, biotechnology companies, government agencies, and research institutes. This program is ideal for students who already have microbiology or medical laboratory sciences (MLS) certification, or for individuals who do not have an interest in becoming certified microbiologists.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 36 credits, including 30 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

MLS 6115Advanced Clinical Parasitology and Mycology
MLS 6216Microbial Pathogenesis
MLS 6217Medical Biotechnology
MLS 6244Research Ethics and Integrity
MLS 6245Current Topics in Medical Laboratory Science
MLS 6246Capstone Project
HSCI 6263Biostatistics Translational Research
HSCI 6264Epidemiology Translational Research
HSCI 6270Research Methods for the Health Professions I
HSCI 6271Research Methods for the Health Professions II
One of the following
HSCI 6241The Health Care Enterprise
HSCI 6223Topics in Health Care Leadership
HSCI 6240Issues and Trends in the Health Care System
6 elective credits in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) courses selected with the approval of program director.