Doctor of Occupational Therapy

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences's advanced-practice doctoral degree program in occupational therapy (OTD) is designed for registered occupational therapists who are seeking to advance their clinical reasoning and practice skills. The program enables graduates to transition from the level of generalist to that of a translational occupational therapy clinical scholar. After obtaining this degree, graduates are able to develop, evaluate, and promote new occupational therapy approaches to assessment and treatment in post-acute and chronic care that are grounded in neuroscience and reflect a transdisciplinary perspective.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 36 credits, including 30 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

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Transdisciplinary practice and research
HSCI 6285Principles of Collaboration and Team Science
Advanced concepts in function and learning
HSCI 6212Teaching Strategies in the Health Professions
OT 8215Quality Improvement through Translational Practices
OT 8220Measurement of Human Function and Learning
OT 8274Program Theory and Health Innovations
Scholarship in occupational therapy
HSCI 6270Research Methods for the Health Professions I
HSCI 6271Research Methods for the Health Professions II
OT 8272Mixed Methods in Translational Health Sciences
OT 8275Doctoral Capstone Preparation
OT 8276Doctoral Capstone
6 credits from the following:
HSCI 6223Topics in Health Care Leadership
HSCI 6213Curriculum Development in the Health Professions
HCQ 6200Introduction to Health Care Quality
HSCI 6240Issues and Trends in the Health Care System
HSCI 6265Grantsmanship in Translational Research
HSCI 6261Foundations in Clinical and Translational Research
OT 8448Neurocognitive Disorders
OT 8450Cognition and Cognitive Rehabilitation
HSCI 6297Independent Study for Health Professionals