Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Pre-Medicine

The post-baccalaureate certificate in pre-medicine is designed to provide students with the foundational course work, standardized test preparation, and access to real-world experience necessary for a successful medical school application. This full-time program is offered at GW's Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC). The program can be completed in 12 months. 

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 36 credits in required courses.

HSCI 3101General Chemistry I *
HSCI 3102General Chemistry II *
HSCI 3103Organic Chemistry I
HSCI 3104Organic Chemistry II
HSCI 3105Biochemistry
HSCI 3107Introduction to Biochemical Pharmacology
HSCI 3201Biology I
HSCI 3202Biology II
HSCI 3301Physics I *
HSCI 3302Physics II *
*Course substitutions
Qualified students may substitute up to 8 credits (two courses) in any combination of HSCI 3101, HSCI 3102, HSCI 3301, or HSCI 3302 with HSCI 3106/3108 and/or MLS 4151/4251.

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

Visit the program website for additional program information.