Graduate Certificate in Health Services and Outcome Research

Health services research is a multidisciplinary field that requires researchers to apply concepts from variety of disciplines. A certificate in health services and outcome research contributes to the field by providing the targeted training to develop much needed and less emphasized skills in research design and methods for clinicians, physicians, nurses, medical students, and residents who wish to expand their knowledge on the aforementioned areas.

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HSCI 6263Biostatistics Translational Research
HSCI 6265Grantsmanship in Translational Research
HSCI 6270Research Methods for the Health Professions I
THS 6101Survey of Advanced Quantitative Methods for Health Services and Outcomes Research
THS 6102Decision Making and Economic Evaluation in Health Care
One 3-credit elective course.
COHM 6107Economics of Health Care Systems

*COHM 6107 is strongly recommended for the elective. An alternate elective may be approved by the program director.