Master of Arts in the field of International Affairs, Global Energy and Environmental Policy Concentration

Under the new Global Energy and Environmental Policy (GEEP) concentration, students will be required to take 12 credit hours, consisting of two core and two supporting courses. Additional supporting courses can be substituted with approval of the Program Director.
Core courses (6 credit hours)
IAFF 6158Special Topics in International Science and Technology Policy
• Energy Policy
ECON 6295Special Topics
• Energy Economics
IAFF 6151Environmental Policy
PPPA 6066U.S. Environmental Policy
Supporting courses (6 credit hours)
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
• Environmental Security
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
• Energy Security
IAFF 6501Quant Analysis Int'l Aff Prac
IBUS 6400Oil: Industry, Economy, and Society
IAFF 6141International Science and Technology Policy Cornerstone
IBUS 4900Special Topics
• Global Energy
EMSE 6290Climate Change: Policy, Impacts, and Response
EMSE 6260Energy Management
PUBH 6130Sustainable Energy and the Environment
PUBH 6122Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Policies, Politics, and Programs
LAW 6454International Environmentl Law
LAW 6455Int'l Climate Change Law
LAW 6460Envir&Energy Policy Practicum
ENRP 6140Introduction to Environmental Law
Suggested skills courses
IAFF 6503Professional Skills II
• Conflict and Corruption: The Resource Curse (1 credit)
PUBH 6262Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (1 credit)
PUBH 6263Advanced GIS (1 credit)