Master of International Policy and Practice

The Elliott School's master of international policy and practice (MIPP) degree program helps international mid-career professionals develop highly marketable analytical and management skills to formulate and advocate policies on key international issues and to negotiate and work effectively in cross-cultural settings. The program also enhances knowledge of international economic, political, and social trends. 

The interdisciplinary curriculum combines three core courses with a wide variety of course options that cover relevant national and international policies and provides insight into a wide range of international issues. Courses are selected to suit the student's professional goals and intellectual interests. Most courses are offered in the late afternoon and early evening to accommodate student work schedules, making it ideal for working professionals. 

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 27 credits, including 9 credits in required courses and 18 credits in elective courses. 

Students are required to have undergraduate-level background coursework in microeconomics and macroeconomics before enrolling in a graduate course. Undergraduate courses do not count toward the master's degree. Students who do not have prior coursework should consult with the Program Director regarding available options. 

IAFF 6211Master of International Policy and Practice Leadership Practicum
One of the following courses in international economics:
ECON 6250Survey of Economic Development
ECON 6280Survey of International Economics
ECON 6283Survey of International Trade Theory and Policy
ECON 6284Survey of International Macroeconomics and Finance Theory and Policy
One of the following foundational courses in international policy, which should support the student’s interdisciplinary concentration:
IAFF 6101International Affairs Cornerstone
IAFF 6102Global Gender Policy
IAFF 6108International Development Policy
IAFF 6141International Science and Technology Policy Cornerstone
IAFF 6171Introduction to Conflict Resolution
PPPA 6057International Development Administration
PSC 6439International Political Economy
SMPP 6290/IAFF 6118Special Topics (Strategy, Global Markets, and Politics)
18 credits tailored to the individual student's needs and selected in consultation with an advisor and the Program Director. May include up to 3 credits of one-credit, skills-based workshops.

Students must complete degree requirements within three years of their admission to the program. Students who are temporarily unable to continue their studies may request a leave of absence not to exceed one year. Extensions beyond the three-year period may be granted in exceptional circumstances, but the student is required to register and pay for Continuous Enrollment.

No transfer credit is accepted into the MIPP program. No more than 6 credits of graduate coursework taken at GW before matriculation in the program, while in degree or nondegree status, including courses taken in the Elliott School, may be included in the MIPP program.  

Visit the MIPP program page for additional information, including a complete list of elective courses