Graduate Certificate in Greenhouse Gas Management

The graduate certificate in greenhouse gas (GHG) management, which was developed in cooperation with experts at the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, provides an alternative for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in the field without committing to the requirements of a master’s degree program. The program addresses the engineering, economic, legal, and logistical considerations for implementing GHG management in compliance with existing and planned GHG mitigation. The focus is on managing GHG emissions from energy-related activities in a business setting, through the measurement, reporting, analysis, reduction, trading, and verification of GHG emissions from these activities. 

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits in required courses.

EMSE 6290Climate Change: Policy, Impacts, and Response
EMSE 6291Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reporting
EMSE 6292Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
EMSE 6293Greenhouse Gas Management Assurance and Information Systems Design