The School of Engineering and Applied Science offers a dual bachelor of arts with a major in applied science and technology and master of science in the field of data analytics degree program. All requirements for both degrees must be fulfilled.

6 graduate credits (two courses) may be shared between the two degrees, 3 credits of which should be in CSCI 6011. Students may substitute comparable undergraduate coursework in systems/architecture for CSCI 6011, in which case another 6000-level course must be taken in its place. Students must select two of the following courses as electives for the minor program: CSCI 3212, CSCI 3410, or CSCI 3411. CSCI 6212 may be substituted for CSCI 3212. However, CSCI 6212 cannot be counted as one of the two graduate courses taken during the undergraduate program.

Students must have a minimum 3.0 technical GPA at the time of graduation from the undergraduate program to continue to the master’s program as part of a dual degree.