Master of Science in the Field of Telecommunications Engineering

The master of science in the field of telecommunications engineering degree program is designed for the practicing or aspiring telecommunications engineer. The program provides students with a foundation in the fundamentals of telecommunications engineering, including topics such as transmission systems, computer networking, network architectures and protocols, and telecommunications security protocols. In addition, students have the option to take courses on optical networking, wireless networking, and cloud computing.

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 30 credits, including 15 credits in required courses, 15 credits in elective courses, and a zero-credit colloquium. Thesis and non-thesis options are available. Students should contact the department concerning these options.

ECE 6035Introduction to Computer Networks
ECE 6065Colloquium
ECE 6550Advanced Network Architectures
ECE 6565Telecommunications Security
ECE 6575Optical Communication Networks
ECE 6580Wireless Networks
Three of the following:
ECE 6005Microcomputer Systems Architecture
ECE 6015Stochastic Processes in Engineering
ECE 6130Grid and Cloud Computing
ECE 6560Network Performance Analysis
ECE 6570Telecommunications Security Protocols
6 credits of electives

Additional requirements found on the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Master's Degree requirements webpage.