Master of Science in the Field of Applied Computer Science

The master of science in the field of applied computer science is designed for students looking to enter the field of computer science coming from any background, especially those from non-mathematical or non-engineering disciplines and who want a strong foundation in computer science for their career goals. The program combines skill development in programming and software development, along with foundational material in core areas such as databases, networks, software engineering, security, system administration, and application development. The program prepares students for success in the software and information technology industry.

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

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Required core
9 to 12 credits from the following, as approved by the advisor:
CSCI 6012Cybersecurity and Privacy
CSCI 6418Unix Systems Administration
CSCI 6431Computer Networks
CSCI 6441Database Management Systems
18 to 21 credits from the following courses, as approved by the advisor. If the student enters the MS program having completed the gateway to computer science graduate certificate program, 6 credits from the certificate program may count toward this elective requirement. *
CSCI 6116Advanced Application Development
CSCI 6234Object-Oriented Design
CSCI 6235Component-Based Enterprise Software Development
CSCI 6418Unix Systems Administration
CSCI 6419Advanced Systems Administration
CSCI 6444Introduction to Big Data and Analytics
CSCI 6561Design of Human–Computer Interface
CSCI 6562Design of Interactive Multimedia

*Students may substitute other graduate computer science courses as electives if approved by the advisor. The advisor also may approve up to 6 credits of coursework taken outside the department if a compelling case can be made for such coursework.