Master of Arts in Education and Human Development in the Field of School Counseling

The master of arts in education and human development in the field of school counseling degree program prepares students to successfully address the social responsibility and diverse critical concerns affecting the personal, academic, and career well-being of K-12 students. The program provides professional preparation for individuals to become certified as counselors in public and private schools. Rigorous coursework explores effective school-based theory, research, interventions and strategies, and is strengthened by practical lab experience in the Community Counseling Services Center working with children, teens, and adults from the region.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 48 credits, including 45 credits in required courses and one 3-credit elective course. In addition, counseling students are required to complete 600 hours as part of their internships (300 hours per course) and 100 hours as part of their practicum.

CNSL 6151Professional and Ethical Orientation to Counseling
CNSL 6153Counseling Interview Skills
CNSL 6154Theories and Techniques of Counseling
CNSL 6155Career Counseling
CNSL 6157Individual Assessment in Counseling
CNSL 6161Group Counseling
CNSL 6163Social and Cultural Dimensions - CNS
CNSL 6169Counseling Substance Abusers
CNSL 6171Family Counseling
CNSL 6185Internship in Counseling
CNSL 6186Advanced Internship in Counseling
CNSL 6269Practicum I in Counseling
CNSL 6466Foundations of School Counseling K–12
EDUC 6114Introduction to Quantitative Research
HDEV 6108Life Span Human Development
One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
CNSL 6100Special Workshop (Play Techniques)
CNSL 6100Special Workshop (Research and Independent Study)
CNSL 6173Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
CNSL 6174Trauma and Crisis Intervention
CNSL 6190Advanced Career Counseling