Master of Arts in Education and Human Development in the Field of Organizational Leadership and Learning

The master of arts in education and human development in the field of organizational leadership and learning degree program is designed for individuals entering or advancing in positions associated with learning in organizational settings in all sectors of society. Typical careers are in organizational development, internal and external consulting, leadership development, and training and development. The program is interdisciplinary, and students may tailor their programs to individual career needs and objectives.

The required courses in the 30-credit program cover human behavior in organizations, adult learning, group dynamics, research methods, organizational change, strategic change, global leadership, leadership development, and assessing the impact of change efforts. Project work in Washington-area business, industry, government, and community organizations may be a part of the learning experience..

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 30 credits, including 21 credits in required courses and 9 credits in elective courses. 

HOL 6700Human Behavior and Learning in Organizations
HOL 6701Adult Learning
HOL 6702Organizational Change
HOL 6704Leadership in Organizations
HOL 6709Leadership Development
HOL 6721Assessing the Impact of Organizational Change Using Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
HOL 6746Work Groups and Teams in Organizations
Track electives
Any combination of 3 courses from the following tracks for a broader competency or 3 courses from any one track for a more in-depth competency*.
Leadership track
HOL 6706Current Issues in Organizational Leadership
HOL 6708Global Leadership
HOL 6101Research and Independent Study
HOL 6725Internship in Organizational Leadership and Learning
Learning track
HOL 6101Research and Independent Study
HOL 6707Organizational Learning
HOL 6724Increasing the Capacity to Learn
HOL 6725Internship in Organizational Leadership and Learning
HOL 6742Design of Adult Learning Interventions
HOL 6743Action Learning
Change track
HOL 6101Research and Independent Study
HOL 6703Consulting Skills
HOL 6705Strategic Change
HOL 6725Internship in Organizational Leadership and Learning
HOL 6744Meaningful Workplaces
Globalization track
HOL 6100Special Workshop (Global Mindset)
HOL 6100Special Workshop (Globalization, Change and Learning)
HOL 6101Research and Independent Study
HOL 6725Internship in Organizational Leadership and Learning
HOL 6747International and Multicultural Issues in Organizations
*Internship and research/independent study courses might be used as electives in a track, provided the subject matter of the work is relevant. For example, a research project in leadership could qualify for 3 elective credits in the Leadership Track.