Education Specialist Programs

The Degree of Education Specialist

The program of advanced study leading to the degree of education specialist (EdS) is for students with a master’s degree in education who seek further professional preparation. The program is available in the fields of educational leadership and administration, counseling, curriculum and instruction, higher education administration, human and organizational learning, and special education.

Admission Requirements

The following are required for entrance to an education specialist program: an undergraduate degree and a master of arts in education and human development (MA EDHD) or its equivalent from a regionally accredited institution, two years of pertinent experience in an education or human development field, and a graduate scholastic average of at least 3.3 and, in some programs, an acceptable score on either the Graduate Record Examination or Miller Analogies Test. Two letters of recommendation, one from a professional supervisor and one from the most recent graduate faculty advisor, are required, along with a statement of professional goals. Each applicant must be interviewed and recommended by a faculty advisor in the major field.

Programs of Study and Degree Requirements

Individual programs are developed, through a plan of study worked out with a faculty advisor, to fit the candidate’s skills, interests, and career goals. A minimum of 30 credits beyond the requirements for an MA EDHD degree is required. At least 21 credits of this work must be taken in residence at GW. A maximum of five calendar years is allowed for completion of the program.

At least 12 of the required 30 credits must be in appropriate graduate courses in education selected from the following areas: (1) foundations and cognate study, (2) background and general principles of the field of study, and (3) an area of specialization. A graduate-level research methods course must be included in the program if it was not completed in previous graduate work.

The Comprehensive Examination

Successful completion of a six-hour written or oral examination or its equivalent, at the option of the major field advisor, is required. Candidates taking the examination must be registered for at least 1 credit in the semester it is to be taken and submit an online comprehensive examination application by the published deadline.

Education Specialist Programs