Joint MAEd&HD in the Field of Education Policy Studies and Juris Doctor

The close connection between law and public policy is well established and is increasingly leading law students and education students into seeking careers in public policy. Law and education policy have long had strong interconnections, and GW's Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) continues to engage in activities that address the cross-section of education policy and law.

This program joins the Graduate School of Education and Human Development Education Policy Program (MAEd&HD) and the JD in the GW Law School. The Master of Arts in Education and Human Development degree in Education Policy requires 36 credits and, similar to the other joint degrees, the Law School accepts 12 credits of Education Policy courses toward the 84-credit requirement for graduation. Similarly, the Graduate School of Education and Human Development also accepts 12 credits in the Law School toward the MAEd&HD. In addition to the required eight courses for the MAEd&HD, Education Policy and other GSEHD potential elective courses are required to complete the Masters in Education Policy degree.

Students who enroll full-time in the joint JD/MAEd&HD program should normally be able to complete both degrees in four years. During their first year, students are in residence at the GW Law School, taking exclusively first-year law courses. Thereafter, students take a mix of classes in both the Law School and GSEHD.

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