Doctor of Education in the Field of Higher Education Administration

The mission of the doctor of education in higher education administration degree program is to prepare exceptional leaders for administrative, academic, and research positions in two- and four-year higher education institutions, national and international associations, government agencies, and other post-secondary educational settings. The degree provides students with opportunities to integrate theory and research seamlessly with practice.

Program graduates rise rapidly within administrative and scholarly ranks based on their knowledge of critical issues in the field of higher education, ability to conduct independent primary research, and possession of the skills necessary for academic and administrative career development.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The requirements for the Doctor of Education programs.

A minimum of 53 credits and successful completion of a comprehensive examination.

EDUC 8505Seminar: Higher Education Administration
EDUC 8510Administration and Organization of Higher Education
EDUC 8515Comparative and International Higher Education
EDUC 8520Theories for Research on College Students
EDUC 8525College and University Curriculum
EDUC 8530Leadership in Higher Education
EDUC 8555Policy Analysis in Higher Education
EDUC 8566Higher Education Finance
2 credits selected in consultation with advisor
EDUC 8120Group Comparison Designs and Analyses
EDUC 8122Qualitative Research Methods
3 credits from the following:
EDUC 8100Experimental Courses
EDUC 8130Survey Research Methods
EDUC 8131Case Study Research Methods
EDUC 8140Ethnographic Research Methods
EDUC 8142Phenomenological Research Methods
EDUC 8144Discourse Analysis
EDUC 8170Educational Measurement
EDUC 8171Predictive Designs and Analyses
EDUC 8172Multivariate Analysis
EDUC 8173Structural Equation Modeling
EDUC 8174Hierarchical Linear Modeling
EDUC 8175Item Response Theory
EDUC 8177Assessment Engineering
EDUC 8280Critical Review of Educational Leadership Literature
EDUC 8998Pre-Dissertation Seminar (taken for 3 credits)
EDUC 8999Dissertation Research (minimum 12 credits needed to complete requirement)
An approved dissertation proposal is required.
Comprehensive examination
Successful completion of a comprehensive examination is required.