Graduate Certificate in Counseling and Life Transitions

The graduate certificate in counseling and life transitions prepares counselors with the knowledge to effectively and compassionately counsel the chronically ill and dying, their caregivers, and bereaved loved ones, or work with others facing difficult life transitions, such as unemployment. This specialized program is ideal for counselors, social workers, clergy, and other professionals who work with those facing loss and life transitions.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 3 credits in a required course and 9 credits in elective courses.

HDEV 6108Life Span Human Development
Three elective courses selected in consultation with the advisor to be taken in one of the following specializations:
Grief, loss, and life transitions
CNSL 6100Special Workshop (Grief, Loss, and Life Transitions Focus)
CNSL 6170Grief and Loss
CNSL 6175Living and Dying: A Counseling Perspective
CNSL 6177Spirituality and Loss
CNSL 6179Children and Loss
Career and workforce development
CNSL 6155Career Counseling
CNSL 6190Advanced Career Counseling
CNSL 6188Systems in Career Counseling Development
CNSL 6189Career Development and the Contemporary Workforce
CNSL 8253Work, Identity, and Adult Development
or HDEV 8253 Work, Identity, and Adult Development
CNSL 6100Special Workshop (Career Counseling Focus)
Human development
CNSL 6161Group Counseling
CNSL 8253Work, Identity, and Adult Development
CNSL 6154Theories and Techniques of Counseling
CNSL 6155Career Counseling
CNSL 6170Grief and Loss
CNSL 6179Children and Loss
HDEV 6109Child Development
HDEV 6110Adolescent Development
HDEV 6701Adult Learning