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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology (PSYC)
Clinical Psychology Externship
Clinical Psychology Externship
Fall 2015
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Field Work (Internship)
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students in the clinical psychology PhD program


Lambert and other clinical faculty
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Clinical psychology doctoral students will participate in externship placements in clinical settings to develop their clinical skills and competencies.
• Global learning objectives include competence in general clinical behaviors (e.g., gaining rapport), professional and ethical behavior in a clinical setting, and ability to use and integrate supervision into clinical practice. • Specific learning objectives include demonstrating specific competencies in good relationships with supervisors, staff and peers, ability to relate to clients, seeking relevant information from appropriate sources, responsiveness to feedback from supervisors, ethical behavior, timeliness, and sensitivity to diversity issues. In addition, each externship may have unique learning objectives, which may include: o Assessment: Development of assessment skills, including knowledge of measures’ psychometrics, diversity issues in test selection, and skills in administration, scoring, and writing reports. o Therapy or Intervention: Development of therapy/intervention skills, including knowledge of therapy effectiveness literatures, therapy conceptualization, therapy techniques, presentation of cases, and awareness of diversity issues in therapy and supervision. o Development of supervision skills, including appropriate supervision methods and ability to provide constructive feedback to supervisee(s). o Development of research, including the ability to evaluate relevant literature, assist in data collection, conceptualize and develop research projects, knowledge of diversity issues in research, application of statistical procedures, and manuscript writing.
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Proposed as 0 credit course to meet an APA accreditation requirement of gaining clinical experience and competencies. Students have been doing these externships for four semesters as part of their program. However, there is not room within GW's 72-hour limit to give them credit. This 0-credit course will make the externship experiences visible on the student's transcript to assist them in obtaining licensing as a psychologist.
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