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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Interdisciplinary (IDIS)
Remedial Infection, Inflammation and Immunohematology
Remedial I3
Summer 2015
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Remediation of coursework for IDIS 8102 Infection, Inflammation and Immunohematology.
By the end of this block, each student should be able to: 1. Use information about the classification, basic structure, and life cycles of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites to identify common, medically important infectious pathogens and the diseases they cause. 2. Recognize the clinical features of common medically important infectious diseases. 3. Identify basic principles and types of pharmacological approaches to the treatment of infectious diseases. 4. Describe the general mechanisms used by infectious pathogens to cause disease. 5. Describe the main types of innate and adaptive immune responses used to clear pathogen infections. 6. Compare the functions and regulation of cells and soluble factors involved in mediating immune and inflammatory responses. 7. Apply knowledge of hematopoietic development to the diagnosis of hematologic diseases (including hematologic neoplasms). 8. Apply knowledge of the steps and regulation of the coagulation cascade to the diagnosis of hyper- and hypo-coagulopathic diseases. 9. Contrast the pathophysiology and therapeutic approaches for different acute and chronic inflammatory responses associated with human disease. 10. Analyze public health surveillance for infectious disease with epidemiologic methods. 11. Describe health improvement strategies targeting infectious diseases in populations spanning from the local Washington, DC community to global communities.

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