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College of Professional Studies
Prof Studies-Cybersecurity (PSCS)
Introduction to Cyber Conflict
Intro to Cyber Conflict
Spring 2016
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Limited to degree candidates in the PSCS program.

Scott Applegate
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Exploration of the emerging concept of cyber conflict, its history over the last 25 years, and how this concept is being integrated into government and military strategies. Case studies are used to highlight the technical, tactical, and strategic use of information technology between state and non-state actors. The current state and the future of cyber conflict as an evolving phenomenon.
Identify and define the key activities that constitute cyber conflict Identify key events that led to major policy changes or the establishment of new organizations associated with cyber conflict Describe how international laws and treaties apply to cyber conflict Describe the ways in which cyber conflict and the domain of cyberspace differ from the other traditional warfighting domains Describe the interaction of state and non-state actors in cyber conflict and cyberspace operations Be able to discuss the current trends and the future of cyber conflict
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