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College of Professional Studies
Prof Studies-Cybersecurity (PSCS)
Cyber Defense Strategy
Cyber Defense Strategy
Fall 2015
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Open only to students enrolled in degree program in PSCS

Jeffrey Brown, Todd Blanchard
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An introduction to the fundamentals of cyber defense strategy. Focus on raising an organization's cyber security posture from low to high. Understanding the organization’s threatscape and building a threat matrix to prioritize and monetize cyber security defense needs; creating a sound cyber defense strategy through efficient use of known security management practices. Establishing a management program and building a security team to implement the defense strategy.
Understand existing and emerging cyber defense strategies; Build a cyber defense strategies and gain executive buy-in; Perform a threat analysis, build a threat matrix and risk assessment; Build an effective team around the cyber defense strategy; Efficiently put into operation the cyber defense strategy
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This is not really a new course but a change in course code from PSSL to PSCS. Thanks!
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