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College of Professional Studies
Prof Studies-Cybersecurity (PSCS)
Cyber Intelligence and Strategic Analysis
Cyber Intel & Strat Analysis
Fall 2015
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Limited to degree candidates in PSCS.

Constance P. Uthoff
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Current issues in cyber intelligence and models for cyber intelligence collection methods and analysis. National and international cyber law and policy as they relate to cyber intelligence efforts. Current cyber threats to national security. Strategic, operational, and tactical cyber intelligence efforts and countermeasures; cyber weapons, actors, and methods of delivery; and advanced persistent threats (APTs) and the cyber threat landscape. Review of an intelligence-led policing model as it relates to cyber enforcement and investigation.
Identify cyber intelligence collection methods/techniques and approaches to analysis Understand various laws and policies that can impact cyber intelligence collection efforts Make distinctions among strategic, operational and tactical intelligence Understand the cyber domain, cyber threats, actors, types of attacks and cyber weapons Comprehend current challenges to cyber intelligence; explore gaps in warning Understand various national and international cyber strategies and policies as they relate to cyber intelligence and strategy Comprehend the benefits to public/private partnerships and collaboration
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This is not really a new course but a change in course code from PSSL to PSCS. Thanks!
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