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College of Professional Studies
Prof Studies-Cybersecurity (PSCS)
Information Systems Protection
Information Systems Protection
Fall 2015
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Open only to students in enrolled in graduate PSCS degree

Scott Applegate, Jan Kallberg, Charles Pak
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The major areas of information security, including risk management, cybercrime, cyber conflict, and the technologies involved in both cyber attacks and information systems protection. Students develop an understanding of the root causes of insecurity in information systems and explore the processes involved in creating, implementing, and maintaining an information security program.
Define Information Security, key related terms and describe the role of information security professionals within an organization Discuss and identify the root causes of insecurity in information systems Identify the threats posed to information security and some of the more common attacks associated with those threats Identify and describe major security technologies and their usage Describe the legal, ethical and professional issues that frame the environment for information security Describe the fundamental aspects of a risk management program to include analysis, mitigation strategies and controls Describe the processes used for assessing, planning and implementing an information security program Understand distinction between cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, cyber-espionage and cyber conflict and what the implications these activities have on information security professionals
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This is not really a new course but a change in course code from PSSL to PSCS. Thanks!
jackp (Sun, 31 May 2015 17:33:37 GMT): Rollback: Can you fix the syllabus and change the abbreviation to PSCS from PSSL? I couldn't alter the PDF. I'm approving all the other courses since the syllabi are accurate--though I'm concerned that we have to have more standardized syllabi (using a template) and more complete course outlines--in the future. For now, these are complete enough.
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