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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Capstone Project
Capstone Project
Spring 2017
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Field Work (Internship)
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students enrolled in the PSHS cohort
All the curriculum in the PSHS must be completed before registering for this course.

Frederic Lemieux, Jeffrey Delinski
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Students refine their conception of leadership and knowledge of the homeland security field. Participants experience leadership in action and enhance independent learning while working in both small and large group dynamics.
Implement integrative approaches to strategic management and policy in public agencies. Assess and manage conflict situations to avoid any decisional breakdown in the management process. Develop strategies to ensure communication channel availability and security in emergency and crisis situations. Plan, negotiate and evaluate competitive or conflict situations. Communicate effectively in meetings and in writing to increase productivity, creativity and group satisfaction. Set up effective briefing and public speaking techniques. Apply deviance and control theories in a context of a major social incident. Recognize the scope of a particular major crime. Be able to deal with tensions that may arise among dimensions in the exercise of managerial power and authority. Analyze and react to moral issues arising in critical incidents. Develop and sustain multi-jurisdictional collaboration and inter-organizational cooperation at multiple levels. Understand the roles of public and private agencies involved in security.
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This course replaces PSSL 6270 Capstone Project.
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