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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Inter-Agency Cooperation
Inter-Agency Cooperation
Spring 2017
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students in the MPS in homeland security program



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In-depth study of interagency cooperation issues relevant to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s organizational structure; cooperative initiatives through mutual assistance agreements and regional, national, and international structures; technology interoperability, legal, and interorganizational challenges.
Examine current global cooperation issues related to homeland security Identify and understand forms of inter-agency cooperation Know why certain public safety systems increase their cooperation and others do not Describe and explain technology issues related to inter-agency cooperation and interoperability Understand how to develop cooperation protocols and secure information exchange processes Link transnational public safety issues to national and regional cooperation (failures, problems, best practices)
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This course replaces PSSL 6251 Inter Agency Cooperation.
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