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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Strat. Planning and Budgeting
Spring 2017
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students in the MPS in homeland security program


Keith Williams, Sasha O'Connell
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The adaptation of strategic planning and performance measures beyond budgeting by government agencies dealing with long-term security issues; integrative approach to strategic planning and management, focusing on the implementation, evaluation, and oversight of strategy and policy; development of budgets, accountability plans, and risk management to ensure compliance with stated goals; analytical tools and techniques that inform organizational strategies and actions.
Develop the ability to identify and implement the steps in the strategic planning process Gain knowledge of the steps in developing and managing major projects within a safety/security environment Learn to identify and overcome obstacles to program development and implementation Increase their ability to communicate goals and objectives to government officials Understand the budgeting and resource management processes Develop an understanding of how to measure and hold agency members accountable for program performance
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This course replaces PSSL 6250 Strategic Planning and Budgeting.
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