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College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Information Systems Protection
Information Systems Protection
Spring 2017
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Charles Pak, Scott Applegate, Jan Kallberg
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Exploration of the major areas of information security including risk management, cybercrime, cyberconflict, and the technologies involved in both cyberattacks and information systems protection; creating, implementing, and maintaining an information security program; root causes of insecurity in information systems.
Discuss and identify the root causes of insecurity in information systems Understand and describe major types of cyber attacks Identify and describe major security technologies and their usage Describe the legal, ethical and professional issues the frame the environment for information security issues Describe the processes used for assessing, planning and implementing an information security program Analyze distinction between cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, cyber-espionage and cyber-conflict and what the implications these activities have on information security professionals
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This course replaces PSSL 6244 Information Systems Protection.
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