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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Security and Civil Liberties
Security and Civil Liberties
Spring 2017
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students in the MPS in homeland security program


Elaine Lammert, Robert Lloyd
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Examination of U.S. government activities designed to protect the security of American citizens while balancing those interests against citizens’ civil liberties; limitations placed on government activities by the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution; complexities associated with the characterization of criminals and terrorists.
Understand the types of considerations underlying the government’s security policies and the respective activities undertaken by different levels of the government that affect security and civil liberties Explain how the First Amendment implicates security-related policies, and describe current security-related topics that may implicate the First Amendment Explain how the Fourth Amendment and statutes relating to searches and surveillance implicate security-related policies, and describe current security-related topics that may implicate the Fourth Amendment Understand the implications of characterizing an individual as a criminal or terrorist Analyze the policies underlying the treatment of terrorist suspects, and explain the policy decisions made by the government with respect to a number of case studies
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This course replaces PSSL 6242 Security and Civil Liberties.
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