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School of Business
Management Science (MGT)
Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership
Women's Entrep. Leadership
Spring 2016
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Students create and execute a business plan while developing essential skills, mentoring relationships, and self-confidence and self-insight.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Develop student’s capacity to think creatively to solve problems, improve the status quo or invent something new. 2. Learn a formal process for evaluating ideas, investigating feasibility, assessing resources which will guide way for implementing a plan of action. 3. Build the leadership knowledge and skills necessary to carry out ideas under a variety of conditions. 4. Understand how to assemble a resource network to support personal and professional success. 5. Learn about the risks and rewards faced by successful women leaders from diverse walks of life.
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This course will replace old number MGT 4001 which will be deactivated.
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