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School of Business
Management Science (MGT)
Small Business Management
Small Business Management
Fall 2017
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MGT 3300W or permission of the instructor

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Theory and practice of entrepreneurship. How to start or acquire a new business; effective management, including the essentials of planning, organizing, financing, marketing, and controlling the smaller enterprise. Students consult with a small DC-area company as part of a team research project.
The course is designed to help students:  Understand the role of entrepreneurship, characteristics of entrepreneurs and the role of small businesses.  Understand the role of creativity and idea generation.  Learn Strategic planning and how to build competitive advantage.  Understand various forms of business ownership.  Understand process of franchising.  Understand the process of buying an existing business.  Learn the key aspects of effective marketing  Learn the role of e-commerce.  Learn pricing strategies  Understand financial planning  Understand cash flow management  Learn about various sources of finance. In addition, students should increase their skills in: • Identifying opportunities or generating ideas • Strategic planning • Managing a small businesses. • Analyzing case studies and making recommendations; • Demonstrating effective written and oral communication skills.
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