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MGT 3300W : Entrepreneurship
School of Business
Management Science (MGT)
Spring 2016
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Students develop the knowledge and ability to launch their own venture. The entrepreneur and the process of entrepreneurship; key aspects of entrepreneurial success, from idea generation and development to launching a firm. Practical skills applicable to real-world scenarios.
The course is designed to help students:  Understand the role of entrepreneurship and characteristics of entrepreneurs.  Understand the entrepreneurial process.  Understand the approaches to idea generation and opportunity identification.  Understand how and when to conduct a feasibility analysis.  Develop a business plan.  Conduct industry analysis.  Conduct Competitor Analysis.  Develop an effective business model.  Understand the ethical and legal aspects of entrepreneurial effort.  Understand aspects of effective financial management.  Understand the key aspects of setting up a successful venture team.  Identify sources of venture funding.  Understand the importance of and developing a strong marketing plan.  Understand growth strategies. In addition, students should increase their skills in: • Identifying opportunities. • Writing a feasibility plan. • Building mentoring relationships. • Analyzing case studies and making recommendations; • Demonstrating effective written and oral communication skills.
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