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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Political Science (PSC)
Selected Topics in Political Theory
Topics in Political Theory
Fall 2015
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In-depth study of significant issues in political theory. Topics vary by semester. Consult the Schedule of Classes for more details. For advanced students.
• Analyze, interpret and critique texts in the history of political thought • Identify canonical authors and their distinctive contributions to the discourse of political theory • Understand the meaning and variations in central ideas such as: freedom/liberty; sovereignty; the social contract; consent; rights; toleration; equality; alienation and exploitation; reason; values & morality • Distinguish major alternative positions in theoretical debates about the nature of political power, authority, and the state; the relation between religion and politics; political change/transformation; and modernity • Develop an appreciation for the historical, contested, and evolving nature of political order, power, institutions, and ideas • Ask theoretically and ethically challenging questions about the history of ideas and about contemporary political problems and possibilities • Argue in defense of a political ethical position
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This topics course will be tailored to students in our M.A. program, rather than our Ph.D. program. PSC 8187 is available for our doctoral students.
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CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral
We are adding this topics course in political theory to parallel topics courses offered in other fields in the discipline. Since we have not offered a topics course in theory, I have attached a syllabus from another course offered by Professor Ingrid Creppell.
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